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Suicide Prevention Smock or Gown is 100% FR Aramid Fiber.  This means that our product is 100% Fire Resistant (FR) made of Aramid Fibers.  By definition, “Aramid Fibers are a class of heat resistant and strong synthetic fibers.”  They are used in aerospace and military application, for ballistic-rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites, in bicycle tires, and as an asbestos substitute.”  “This fabric is also characterized by its excellent resistance to heat, as it neither melts or ignites in normal levels of oxygen.  It is used extensively in the production of protective apparel.”  Because of the quality of the fibers in this product, you can be assured of its superior heat-resistant performance.  Moreover,  our Suicide Prevention Smock or Gown does not obstruct users’ movement.  Because it cannot be torn into a rope,  it helps reduce suicide and suicide attempts.