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Recovery Equipment


SWS Group is the official distributor of Drugloo (UK) Limited in Canada.  Drugloo Ltd. is an award-winning company which manufactures Banned Substance Recovery Units in Colchester, UK.  Drugloo units are used to recover drugs, weapons, explosives, mobile phones, sim cards, money and prisoner communications.  They are hand-built in the factory for Border Agencies, Police, Hospitals, Prison Services and International Airports around the world.

The Drugloo Evolution is semi-automatic. All aspects of the recovery procedure are controlled from the front of the equipment. The operator can select by controls, the suitable duration and sequence of washing and retrieval of packages. The operator does not have to manually manipulate any of the recovered substances. The interior recovery chamber is clearly visible at all times to maintain continuity of evidence. Packages and faeces are automatically transfered from the WC bowl into the washing/recovery chamber, and can be gently tumbled whilst being sprayed with water into which has been injected the correct amount of Anti-Microbial Concentrate via the automatic dosing unit contained within the equipment.

The Drugloo Evolution is comprised of five pre-fabricated parts, which are easily bolted together on-site.

Please download the brochure for more product information.