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SS 10195R Solenoid Operated Electro-Mechanical Deadlatch
Southern Folger


Retrofit Locks

Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company is synonymous with excellence and quality in product design, materials, and craftsmanship, as well as facility construction, service, repair and retrofit. By combining the strength of the two pioneer United States detention equipment manufacturers, Southern Steel founded in 1897, and Folger Adam established in 1905, Southern Folger equipment and workmanship can be found in thousands of facilities around the world, and our equipment is specified bt design professionals that demand only the best.


SWS Detention Group Inc. is a Factory Certified Detention Equipment Contractor for Installation and Maintenance Service, and is a distributor for Canadian markets.

OperatedMinimum/MediumDirect replacement for Southern Steel 10195 series locks. Jamb mounted for swinging doors10200RSolenoid
OperatedMinimum/MediumDirect replacement for Southern Steel 10200 series locks. Jamb mounted for swinging doors

Please contact us at 1-877-797-1999 or email Kelvin, Vice President - Construction ( or Kristian, Project Manager ( for more information.