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Southern Folger - TestPro - SWS Group Inc.


The Southern Folger TestPro test unit is a sturdy, portable unit for preventive maintenance checks. With easy-toread indicator lights, this ergonomically designed test unit will operate all current models of Southern Steel and Folger Adam electric and pneumatic locks and locking devices. Controls are consolidated into a single set of switches for all lock functions.


Standard Features

  • Indication - Two sets of coloured indication lights are included in each unit.
    • Green Secure/Red Unsecure for DPS indication
    • Green Secure/Red Unsecure for auxiliary indication
  • Fuse Protection - A 4-amp fuse is mounted on the front of the test unit for easy replacement. Spare fuse holder stores replacement fuse.
  • Voltage Selector - A key-operated, multi-voltage selector switch allows operation of 24VDC and 120VAC units.
  • Cycle Type Selector - A key-operated cycle type selector switch allows operation of half cycle and full cycle devices.
  • Three-position center-off control switch allows open/close type testing. The control switch is momentary contact, spring-loaded to the center-off position.
  • Case - Ergnomically designed steel case
  • Power Connection - all units are equipped with a 3-prong, industrial-rated 120VAC GFI power plug with integral test and reset controls.



Please contact us at 1-877-797-1999 or email Kelvin, Vice President - Construction ( or Kristian, Project Manager ( for more information.