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Recovery Equipment
Drugloo Covert


SWS Group is the exclusive distributor of Drugloo (UK) Limited, the professional experts in providing a range of Banned Substance Recovery Equipment. Drulgoo Ltd. is a privately owned company based in the south-east corner of England. All Drugloo products are designed and manufactured in their own bespoke manufacturing workshops. Found in over 35 countries, Drugloo units are installed and in regular use in police stations, prisons, secure hospitals and young offenders institute worldwide including the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Spain and Africa.

Drugloo Covert is designed for being covertly installed behind a standard WC and accessible from an adjoining room or large servic duct. The design of this unit permits the WC to be used as a normal WC. but can be simply changed to intercept all items flushed down the WC. These can then be inspected and recover items. This unitu is complimented by a water pumping and sanitising unit to provide all the protection offered by the rest of the Drugloo range.


Size: 1220 x 400x mm (Installed)

Note: 60mm min. clearance neeeded in front of Drugloo to operate.

Please download the brochure for more product information.